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About Mama Roots

Mama Roots began as a dual project between myself (Desiree Jenkins) and Melanie Hallstein. We both share a passion for plant-based food, world-fusion cuisines, and take great joy in serving the community. What better reason to open a food bus?!

When we decided to hit the ground running with Mama Roots, truthfully, we didn’t have much of a “business plan.” We spontaneously purchased an old school bus, and with the help of friends & family, we converted it into a mini-kitchen! 

After a couple years in business, Melanie decided to part ways with Mama Roots to further pursue her passion of farming by working for Fairhaven Farm. Fortunately, the connection lives on with Melanie, as Mama Roots continues to source produce from Fairhaven Farm to this day!

Today, Mama Roots is operated by myself (Desiree) and my wonderful family. My vision for Mama Roots remains steadfast — continue to extend the availability of nourishing meals for our region, educate any nay-sayers on the deliciousness and health-related benefits of plant-based meals, and continue to source produce and related ingredients from local, sustainable farmers in the beloved Twin Ports community. 

It is important that our products are sourced from local farmers — this guarantees that our food not only supports other small businesses, but we have confidence in the fact that we are placing quality food on your plate! Our food is predominately made from scratch and is always made with love…a mother’s meal from our mother earth.

Desiree Jenkins
Owner, Mama Roots

Our Mission

Rooted in a legacy of love from Mama’s Kitchen, Mama Roots strives to do the right thing — both in feeding you and supporting our community. From Mama’s Kitchen and the fields of famers, to life journeys and lessons learned along the way, Mama Roots provides delicious healthy food and every bite has a story.

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